Ontario Brain Institute Gives Boost to Community-Led Programs

Toronto, May 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) has announced the first recipients of funding under the newly launched Growing Expertise in Evaluation and Knowledge Translation (GEEK) program. OBI-GEEK supports programs run by community organizations which aim to improve the lives of people living with brain disorders. 

OBI has committed $300,000 in funding over the next two years to support three programs across Ontario, each providing a unique service to people living with brain disorders in their community. The programs include: supporting people living with disabilities through community inclusion, connecting individuals with acquired brain injuries to care services, and providing career specific post-secondary education programs for people with developmental disabilities.

The 2019 “GEEKS” are Active Lives Active Living (Active Lives After School Dufferin – Orangeville), Educational Pathway to Employment (Christian Horizons – Toronto)Brief Intensive Case Management – Acquired Brain Injury (Ontario Brain Injury Association – Nipissing District).

“We know the important role community organizations play in providing support and care for people living with brain disorders outside of the clinical setting,” said Dr. Tom Mikkelsen, President and Scientific Director, Ontario Brain Institute. “By funding these community-led programs, OBI is helping more people access the services and supports that play a critical role across their life.”

The OBI-GEEK program will allocate up to $1 million over the next five years, funding a cohort of community-led programs. The funded programs will help address the needs of the brain health community and represent a range of brain disorders.

“We are so grateful to the Ontario Brain Institute for supporting our program. Brain injury happens in an instant, and the lives of those who sustain a brain injury, as well as their families, are changed forever – often leaving no time to prepare for the unique and extraordinary challenges that are immediate and last a lifetime.”, said Ruth Wilcock, Executive Director, Ontario Brain Injury Association. “With the support of OBI, we will be able to directly help individuals and families during some of the most difficult periods of their life.”

Please click here to learn more about the OBI-GEEK program.